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2017 Indy Monumental Half Marathon

November 13, 2017

It’s been over a week since I ran the CNO Indy Monumental Half Marathon, which means this recap is about 8 days past due. Spoiler alert: a new PR. Hello! It wasn’t a perfect race, and I definitely made some mistakes in the first half, though I’ve tried not to dwell on that too much. Don’t get me wrong, this was a great step forward, and I’m proud to have run a PR. It’s also left me hungrier to go at it again in the spring, and I’m grateful for that. But, it wasn’t my mostly evenly paced race and maybe that has altered my perception of this PR just a little, though mostly in the form of wishful thinking. “If I had run smarter, maybe the PR would have been bigger.” (The universal chorus for all PR’s, right?)

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Race Recaps

Easter Egg 5K Recap

April 19, 2017

Last weekend I raced my third 5K of 2017, and while my experience during the actual 3.1 miles kind of stunk, for some mysterious reason I find myself still wanting to wax poetic about it. Don’t get me wrong, the race itself was great. I appreciated the fact that it was a larger 5K and that I felt some nice¬†camaraderie with my fellow hoofers. It was well organized, the location and course were both good. It was a well designed loop, and I appreciated not having to go out and back as a change-up to my last two races. The post-race atmosphere was also fun. My performance, however, was the lackluster piece. I finished in 20:59, which isn’t terrible, it’s just not an improvement over last month’s time, really.

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Race Recaps

No Luck Irish Run 5K Race Recap

March 20, 2017

Perhaps it was a bad idea to hope for a larger improve at a race dubbed the No Luck Run, but hey, I gave it my all. Yesterday I ran the No Luck Irish Run 5K, and I while won’t say I had no luck, I think I’m realizing there is no luck to be had in the 5K’s, i.e. it comes down to blood, sweat, and tears (or at least sweat and possibly some tears). My official time was 21:01, which was a 6:47 pace, and a 16 second improvement over my February race. Was I hoping to knock down my time more than I did? Sure, but realistically I know I did the best I could. These two 5K’s have played out the same way: fast first mile, second mile probably where I’d want to be, shitty third mile. My splits from my watch from yesterday’s race were 6:28, 6:44, and 7:07. Ouch. While this race felt less worse than last month, that last mile was a struggle. I did end up as second place overall (which was also second place female), so that was a nice, fun bonus.

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