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Easter Egg 5K Recap

April 19, 2017

Last weekend I raced my third 5K of 2017, and while my experience during the actual 3.1 miles kind of stunk, for some mysterious reason I find myself still wanting to wax poetic about it. Don’t get me wrong, the race itself was great. I appreciated the fact that it was a larger 5K and that I felt some nice camaraderie with my fellow hoofers. It was well organized, the location and course were both good. It was a well designed loop, and I appreciated not having to go out and back as a change-up to my last two races. The post-race atmosphere was also fun. My performance, however, was the lackluster piece. I finished in 20:59, which isn’t terrible, it’s just not an improvement over last month’s time, really.

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Odds and Ends

10 Random Things

March 16, 2017

Happy Thursday! Today is day 4 of my 30 day writing challenge. On my run this morning I started to consider what it is exactly that I think about during all the time I spend gallivanting around town in my running shoes. If I’m doing a tough workout the answer is, shockingly enough, running, otherwise my mental landscape is a mishmash of random thoughts, shit I’m trying to work through, things I want to eat when I get home, fleeting worries about muscles that twinged. I do feel like I spend a lot of time visualizing myself in my next race, especially when I get to the end of any given run. The last half mile home is almost always an imagined grind to a finish line. Fortunately for me, my usual route sends me downhill for this final kick.

Anyway, in the spirit of the Dadaist splattering that are my thoughts on the run, I thought I’d share 10 random things; random factoids, random memories, things about myself that I am compelled to impart on you today. No real guidelines, just in the spirit of fun and sharing. Here we go.

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