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March 2017

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Running as Catharsis

March 17, 2017

This is day 5 of my 30 day writing challenge.

It’s race weekend! Even though shorter races require less prep and travel, they’re still exciting and I’m starting to really enjoy them. So, Sunday morning I will (hopefully) be bright eyed, bushy tailed, and ready to run my ass off. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the slowness of Friday and the lazy evening I have in store.

This week has been a doozy at work, and I think part of my race excitement is using it as an opportunity to literally work out some of my pent up frustrations. Sometimes this backfires; if you’re too stressed you shut down and burn out, but lately I’ve found running to be the perfect catharsis. I’ve been sleeping well, so I am able to slough off the residue of my daily grind, but still. Not an ideal situation, and one that I’m working to remedy.

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Odds and Ends

10 Random Things

March 16, 2017

Happy Thursday! Today is day 4 of my 30 day writing challenge. On my run this morning I started to consider what it is exactly that I think about during all the time I spend gallivanting around town in my running shoes. If I’m doing a tough workout the answer is, shockingly enough, running, otherwise my mental landscape is a mishmash of random thoughts, shit I’m trying to work through, things I want to eat when I get home, fleeting worries about muscles that twinged. I do feel like I spend a lot of time visualizing myself in my next race, especially when I get to the end of any given run. The last half mile home is almost always an imagined grind to a finish line. Fortunately for me, my usual route sends me downhill for this final kick.

Anyway, in the spirit of the Dadaist splattering that are my thoughts on the run, I thought I’d share 10 random things; random factoids, random memories, things about myself that I am compelled to impart on you today. No real guidelines, just in the spirit of fun and sharing. Here we go.

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Today’s Speed Workout

March 15, 2017

Here we go, day 3 of my self-imposed 30 day writing challenge. Today’s post is dedicated to the amazing moon I ran under this morning, though my picture doesn’t do it justice.

In prep for my 5k this upcoming Sunday, this morning’s workout included some speed work to get my legs ready. My workout went something like this:

2 mile warm up
3 x 800m at race pace with 200m recoveries
600m jog
4 x 200m below race pace with 200m recoveries
2 mile cool down

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Odds and Ends

Running and Ego

March 14, 2017

This is day 2 of my 30 day writing challenge.

This morning I was pondering running and ego, not in the sense of it creating an over-inflated sense of self, but more in the sense of fragility. I think for most of us running is incredibly empowering in building both physical and mental strength, and it quickly becomes something that feels like a vital part of ourselves. I mean, we commit to training and everything else that goes along with it (nutrition, strength work, recovery), so it’s not like an isolated hour or two of our daily existence. Even if we have other passions, running, for me at least, is the most important thing I do to maintain the happiest version of myself. I love reading, but if I go for a few days without picking up a book, it’s not such a big deal. Knitting, doodling, calligraphy, all also float my boat, but I revisit them in more of a serial fashion. Shit, I’ve been knitting the same damn scarf for almost a year now. Running, however, is a different beast.

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Odds and Ends

30 Day Writing Challenge

March 13, 2017

There have been several calls via social media and the like for 30 day writing challenges, and since this space has been largely neglected I thought I’d give it a stab. Even though I constantly narrate my life via running (mostly in my head), I haven’t quite cultivated writing as a habit. Sometimes it’s not easy to find an entry point, though not writing certainly is not one. So, I’m letting a poke from someone else be my entry point. Otherwise, every intermittent post here would be about where I’ve been and why I haven’t been writing, and while I’m sure that would make for some riveting entertainment (or not), I think we have more important things to talk about, namely running.

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