On the Flipside

March 19, 2017

This is day 7 of my 30 day writing challenge.

Hello from the other side of my race! I just wanted to write a quick note to say that I survived, the race went well, though not quite as well as I had hoped, but realistically I’m new to the 5k game and have to take it in stride that short and fast is a new feeling for me. Having said all that, I finished in 21:01, which is about a 16 second improvement over last month’s race. If in the grand scheme of things I simply chip away at my race times little by little, that’s a-okay. I ran my PR this past July (20:50), though to be honest I think the course may have been a little short if my watch was close to accurate. Performance aside, today’s race was a lot of fun. Hats off to the organizers for creating a very energetic atmosphere.

I know I have a lot of work to do because these past two 5ks have played out the same way: fast first mile, good second mile, tank the last 1.1. I’m not sure what changes I’ll need to make to gain more stamina at this distance, but fortunately I have amazing help, so I’m trusting whatever comes next in my training. I’m pondering skipping an April race and really training hard for the early May race I had already planned, but we’ll see. I’m hoping to make a more drastic improvement in my next effort. Stay tuned for adjusted racing plans.

I’m going to blame the early morning and the race effort for my brevity, but I promise I’ll be back tomorrow with a full race recap, pictures included. Until then, my movie marathon continues. I also have a bunch of overripe bananas sitting my counter begging to be made into some type of treat, so what more could a girl ask for of a Sunday evening?

I hope everyone else had a great day of running and/or racing.

Talk to you tomorrow,


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